Carolina Field of Honor at Triad Park Honor Those Who Served

The memories of our family members that served in the Armed forces bring a sound foundation to the history, education and pride of the Triad. These men and women served to ensure our freedoms and protect us. It is our duty to remember these brave servants of our society.


For generations the Triad has been renowned for the many men and women that serve in the armed forces. There are more than 150,000 veterans in the Triad, the largest concentration in our state. Mark and Tara Wheelihan along with Harley-Davidson® of Greensboro / Riding High Harley-Davidson® are proud to be major sponsors of the Carolina Field of Honor which serves as the LARGEST VETERAN MEMORIAL ON THE EAST COAST OUTSIDE OF WASHINGTON, DC


is a symbol of the historical fact that our community shows the highest respect and honor to our Veterans of the past, present and future; a sacred ground for those we respect and honor. Over 150,000 Veterans and their families have a refuge to remember their loved ones, giving them solace. The memorial serves present and future generations in a beautiful setting as a recreational retreat, facilities for ceremonies and events honoring those that serve, and as an educational cornerstone for children and the public at large.


honors all who serve in the Armed Forces. It includes a tribute to each branch of the service in a manner that remembers all that served in the military, past, present, and future along with key historical facts to educate.


explains the history of the growth of the Unites States starting with the 13 colonies. Mark and Tara Wheelihan along with Riding High Harley-Davidson® are honored to serve as the sponsor for the GADSDEN FLAG.


provides the counties of Guilford and Forsyth a ceremonial platform that can be used by Veterans and other patriotic organizations: active duty military units, law enforcement, Boy Scouts and many other community groups to honor their achievements in community service. The open air amphitheater design is a perfect location for Spring and Summer concerts.


tells the story of other important contributors to our nations’ military history with monuments.


is located in the heart of the Triad, Triad Park in Kernersville. It is designed to accommodate school children, tourists and residents of the area in a comfortable setting. The design includes handicap facilities and a walking trail for visitors. It is truly a message to all that the Triad understands the price of peace and freedom.